Sydney’s pub food with a twist

Situated in Rozelle, Sydney the Green Lion sits atop of the Red Lion pub.

 I’ve been to this place 3 times in the last two months and I have to say the food is pretty amazing. Beautiful burgers, mac n cheese balls, spinach and mushroom cannelloni and jalapeño poppers are just some of the meals available.

As I sat there on a Saturday night I took a look around at the crowd. It was a true mixture of ages and cultures, people with families including small children, birthday parties, guys just going out with their mates to the pub for a feed and beer and of course a few ladies having a girls night out.

So I’m writing about a pub, big whoop- I hear you say. Well, it is, the Green Lion is Sydney’s first plant based menu to be in a pub. Yep, you heard right this place is 100% vegan. And boy are the flavours spectacular!

Look at the menu you have a Green Mac burger – the vegans take on a Big Mac, and chicken parmigiana, – not chicken but the taste is close enough. You definitely don’t have to be vegan to enjoy the food – I’m not, I appreciate a burger and fries just as much as the next person!

For a nice starter, the share plate is great. The jalapeño poppers are probably one of the best I’ve tasted to date, there are onion rings, Mac n cheese balls, potato scallops and corn chips with aioli and sriracha sauces to accompany the foods.

The spinach and mushroom cannelloni is scrumptious. The béchamel sauce – remember it’s Vegan, tastes exactly like any other béchamel sauce if not better.

crumbed mushroom

Crumbed Mushroom Burger with Loaded Mexican Fries

The Crumbed Mushroom burger is divine, it comes with a choice of coleslaw or fries. You can also get Loaded Mexican Fries, and OMG they are really yummy!

I was standing in line to order my food and I could hear the guy behind me  asking his mate about the Green Mac burger, to which he replied it is as close to a big Mac minus the meat as you’re going to get. It even comes with ‘special sauce’.

If  the food  isn’t mouthwatering enough, the deserts are also great. From occasional specials like chocolate ganache (pictured above) to sticky date pudding and cookies and cream cheesecake (above) served with ice cream or cream. When it comes to drinks well it’s a pub, there’s a good selection of wines, beers and ciders – vegan friendly of course! Or you can pop down to the Red Lion downstairs and grab something to your liking and bring it back upstairs to drink.

Price wise it’s pretty standard I’d say you’ll spend about $30 per person on a meal including a wine or beer.

The green lion is always busy so you’ll need to get in pretty quickly. Oh and their cannelloni sells out pretty early – just an FYI.

You need to try this place if you’re curious in what vegan food actually tastes like or you want a meat and animal product free meal this is the place!


Details :

The Green Lion

Address: 726 Darling St, Rozelle

Phone: 0424 115 466

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