The Roman Tragedy of Australian Politics

When Julius Caesar was stabbed in the back in 44 BC  the political stability of the Roman Empire set a new term to what “backstabbing” meant.  In Australia for the past near decade the Roman Tragedy that is likened to the backstabbing of Caesar has been played out on the Australian and world stage.

What most Australians have now come to accept as the norm and have turned a blind eye too when it comes to politics and the running of government in Australia, is that no one is safe when they are elected as Prime Minister.  You simply can’t be assured that your three-year term as leader of a democratic country will actually run its course.

Everyone loves a good Greek or in this case Roman tragedy, but when tragedy turns into comedy and the joke becomes sour after a while what then?

It started in 2010 when the Labor party knifed Kevin Rudd in the back and replaced him with Julia Gillard in 2013 who was then later replaced by Kevin Rudd again (momentarily). Then it was the Liberals turn, Malcom Turnbull stabbed Tony Abbott in 2015 and as it turns out Mr Turnbull has now been recently deposed of by Scott Morrison now Australia’s 30th Prime Minister (I almost wrote another name because I can’t keep up anymore).

So 5 prime Ministers (6 counting Kevin Rudd’s short lived return) in a span of 8 years and not one has completed their full election term.

Whatever happened to seeing the Prime Minister through a full term? Did their parties think that by replacing their leader they would win the next election? Surely not, look at what happened to the Labor Party, they lost to Tony Abbott and the Liberals. Has the Prime Ministership simply become a popularity contest amongst the parties rather than governing the country and doing the job they set out to do?

We thought the US were silly for electing Donald Trump (yes they still are). However, how Silly does Australia look when they can’t back one person for four years irrespective of how the party perceives them. After all they were the ones who made these people party leaders.  It’s become more of a joke than the tragedy it began as. Even with the leadership spill unfolding earlier this week the jokes were starting to appear regarding the contenders.

I think it’s justified to say that the politicians in Canberra have taken to heart the ethos of the Roman tragedy that was Julius Caesar and have made it their own.  Simply it comes down to “ we don’t’ like you anymore, you’re out and we don’t care what the rest of Australia or the world think about our antics”.

Here’s a thought to the government of Australia, how about instead of turning this drama (joke) that is our government, you keep your party leaders in until their full term is up and let the people of Australia judge when it comes to election time. I mean why is voting in elections compulsory for Australian’s if you’re not going to honour the vote in the end?

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