Everyone has an opinion.

Whether it’s a well though through opinion or just a simple “I don’t care” these are opinions regardless of their complexity or simplicity .

I wanted a platform that is not only dedicated to one particular topic but a few varied topics and that express my views on a variety of things. My interests are varied and to simply focus on one specific area was just not something that peeked my writing interests.

It’s about sharing my experiences and views and hopefully providing people with some inspiration and food for thought.

The lifestyle pieces are general ideas that may have been inspired through conversation or something that I’ve read or seen.

The travel tips are designed to provide the reader with a different perspective on a destination- my perspective.  Most of these are places I’ve been too whilst others have been put together with the help of travel professionals. Perhaps there is something you missed the first time you visited or maybe it’s a place you never thought of going to.

The restaurants and bars that are written about are mostly around my home town of Sydney, Australia and are places that I would recommend.

Remember these are opinions, you may disagree with some you may agree with others.

Either way, I do hope you enjoy.