How To Live More Sustainably

Sustainable living is growing rapidly as we become more conscious of how we live and the energy we produce and use.  

Sustainable living isn’t a new trend. It has been around for a while, however its popularity has rapidly begun to gain momentum because of issues such as climate change. Everything from food production and waste, as well as production of clothing, technology and beauty products all add to our carbon footprint and have shown to have severe consequences for the planet as our population increases. 

So, what is sustainable living?

Sustainable living is defined as making changes to reduce one’s carbon footprint, through positive changes that counter act climate change and environmental concerns. Chances are you’re probably doing some of these things already, like swapping to solar energy, keep cups instead of takeaway coffee cups, using reusable straws and using bamboo cutlery to eat your takeout with.

However, there is so much more that can be done to make sure your carbon footprint is minimised. Below are four ways in which you can incorporate sustainable products into your lifestyle. 

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Eat more sustainable food.

Not only is it good for you, it’s good for the planet! According to the WWF we currently consume more than. 1.7 times what the earth can sustainably supply, and as the population booms to 9.8 billion by 2050 we will need to produce 70% more food.  Eating sustainable encompasses everything from how animals are farmed, the way crops are grown, to how food is produced and packaged. With plenty of Supermarkets offering a plethora of sustainable products, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the options.  Don’t fret it doesn’t mean you’ll have to give up foods you love, it’s easy to find pantry items that are considered sustainable food. For example, Woolworths ensures their branded tea, coffee and sugar are all sustainably sourced. Coles is pretty much the same with most of their branded items being made of sustainable packaging (of course always read the label).  

Chances are you’re probably already buying products that are considered sustainable such as organic dairy or meat and items that consist of packaging made from sustainable materials. The bonus is that these company branded product tend to be cheaper than the other big brand names on the shelves.

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The sustainable fashion runway

Sustainable fashion might be a bit pricier than the fast fashion that we’re all used to, but with killer cuts and some of the best fabrics around, these clothes will not only make you look great but will ultimately be your wardrobe staples. What is sustainable fashion you ask?  In a nutshell, it’s taking a more environmental approach to fashion by way of considering all aspects of the garment production process, from factory workers to users and producers and the wider environment. 

With its rising popularity in the fashion industry, and people being consciously aware of the manufacturing toll to the environment, as well as the working conditions of employees, the sustainable fashion market has opened up to a wider audience and we are now able to buy more. 

Big brands like All the Wild Roses, Boody and even brands like THE ICONIC and Adidas have all created clothing and footwear lines that use ethically sources and sustainable materials. There are many more Australian and New Zealand brands that have jumped on the sustainability band wagon by creating clothing lines and even their entire collection through more environmentally friendly means. 

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Beauty products and the Eco Beauty industry

You’ve got the wardrobe sorted now let’s tap into the Eco Beauty industry. Because Sustainable fashion leads to sustainable beauty or Eco Beauty as it can be sometimes known.  

With a wide variety of products that promise to be eco-friendly, it’s hard to decipher what that means exactly. Sustainable beauty products take into account a number of factors not just product formulation. They include packaging, production and everything in between making sustainable beauty’s focus, the utilisation of renewable resources as well as the use of natural ingredients. Most big-name makeup companies and brands like Lancôme, are tapping into the Eco Beauty industry as the growing awareness of sustainability increases globally. 

Now, let’s move on to the next piece of the puzzle…how to reduce your e waste by buying sustainable technology. 

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Reducing your e-waste can be a simple as flicking a switch

No, we definitely don’t want you to cut off the electricity and rub two sticks together to keep warm this winter. Reducing your e-waste and carbon footprint isn’t as stone age as it sounds.  How it works can be done in a few ways: by purchasing items that have been ethically sourced or products using renewable or recycled materials. 

Big tech companies such as Dell and Apple have come up with ways to make their products sustainable. For instance, Dell has products using up to 65% post-consumer recycled material. Apple has developed phones and laptops using low-carbon components and recyclable packaging amongst many other things. Other sustainable products include light bulbs, solar electricity, programable thermostats and so on. 

Sustainable living is a wholistic approach focusing on all parts of your life. With so many products on offer, you won’t find it hard to start making changes- even if they are small to start with. 

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