How to save money during the end of financial year sales

How to save money during the end of financial year sales

Everyone knows there are a few times a year where the word SALE really means something. And we all like saving money where we can. Whether it’s online or in a physical store we always want to maximise on the savings we can get on our purchases.

Other than the major sales that occur durning the last few months of the year such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and of course, the Boxing Day Sales that kick off at the end of the year and continue into the start of the new year, the end of financial year sales are also one of the best times to really nab a bargain.

Whilst retailers discount their stock with huge sales that can range anywhere from ten to sixty percent there are even more ways to save yourself some extra cash during this time (and all year round).

 Online shopping in Australia and around the world has increased significantly since the Coronavirus pandemic and there are a few ways you can save some extra cash at the checkout.

An abandoned cart can work in your favour. A simple trick to get you a further discount is to leave the item in your cart (abandoned cart) at the checkout before making your purchase. Yes, this works on most websites. Because you’ve filled out your details they will email you with offers that will give you further discounts to finalise your purchase. So, if you’re not in a rush and don’t desperately need the item try it out and see what happens.

Get cashback on purchases through apps and websites like Cashrewards. Cashback sites(and there are a couple in Australia) have recently played a major role in how Australians save money. They not only offer discounts and special offers that retailers run through them specifically, but they also offer cashback on your purchase. Yes, that’s actual money that goes back into your pocket and not rewards points that you’ll never use.

Bargain. If you’re in a physical store, the age-old back and forth of bargaining is still a valuable tool used to get you a lower price or a few extras. The end of the financial year is a good time to make the most of bargaining as most retailers want to clear stock and hit their targets.  The trick to a successful is to do your research and where possible ask for add-ons or further discounts.

Sites like Finder are also a helpful tool to get you discounts and find the best discounts on products you want. They have regular updates on sales, discounts and even have their own special sales via the merchants.

The end of financial year sales are a great time to save money on the things you want and perhaps get a few little extras along the way. It’s easy to save money if you have the right tools and do your homework before making any impulsive purchases.  

Disclaimer: These are suggestions and in no way financial advice. For financial advice seek assistance from an expert.

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