Four of Sydney’s uncrowned beaches

Finding a spot on the sand on a Sydney beach can be a very hard task. Popular beaches like Bondi, Cronulla, Balmoral and Manly are all hot spots for tourists, and locals. The problem is that finding a spot on the sand or even trying to park your car is a nightmare at these Sydney gems. And forget about having  ‘chill time’ on these beaches-they’re way too crowded and noisy! However, there are some just as beautiful, if not better beaches located in Sydney that will make you jump with delight when you discover them.

Get away from the crowds and find a spot on the sand at these four beaches located around Sydney.

Chinamans Beach, Mosman

Sydney Beaches Without the Crowds, Chinamans Beach

A view of Chinaman’s Beach

Located in the north of Mosman, Chinamans Beach is inside Middle Harbour so there are no waves. The beach itself is only a 250 meter stretch of sand. It can get a bit busy with locals, however, it’s not too crazy and you’ll find a spot where you can relax and unwind. Shade wise the reserve above the beach will give you some reprieve from the sun and is perfect for picnics and barbecues. If you want to be on the sand all day there is some shade, but I’d recommend a beach umbrella.

Oak Park, Cronulla

Sydney Beaches Without the Crowds, Oak Park

Beautiful Oak Park

Don’t want to go to Cronulla but love the water down that way? Keep driving past the main beaches of Cronulla and you’ll soon reach Oak Park. It’s the perfect little beach to relax at without the crowds of the main beaches. The beach is self is made up of a man-made pool with crystal clear water and views of Bundeena and the national park. There are no life guards patrolling this beach and if you’re not swimming in the pool then the water can be rough. My tip is to go there during high tide as low tide means the pool isn’t as deep. Some shade is provided by the rocks that overhang from the park up above the beach.

Darook Park, Cronulla

Sydney Beaches Without the Crowds, Dark Park

Family friendly Darook Park

Further up the road from Oak Park is the lovely Darook Park. This is perfect for families as the water isn’t too deep. To reach the beach you will need to walk from the reserve at the top down to the beach. A short walk for some R & R. There is a little boat that comes to the shore and sells ice cream, drinks and snacks. So, if you didn’t bring any with you, you’ll be ok. The water is very calm here and its best you go at high tide for some extra depth. There’s plenty of shade for those that get there early enough to get a spot by the trees.

Congwong Beach, La Perouse

Sydney Beaches Without the Crowds, Congwong Beach

A view of Botany Bay National Park from Congwong Beach

Located within Botany Bay National Park in La Perouse is Congwong Beach. The beach has cafes and facilities located near by, and Little Congwong Beach (nudist beach) is next to it secluded by rock formations, so both beaches have their privacy from one another. Congwong is a small stretch of sand that has calm waters, that in my opinion are the cleanest in Botany Bay. The beach can get busy, but you’ll generally find a spot. There’s no shade, so if you’re going to spend the day there you’ll need a beach umbrella or  beach tent.


There are so many hidden spots and beaches around Sydney. You just need to get out and explore. If you want some peace and quiet away from the crowds and tourists then these four will give you just that. Remember, the Australian sun is really strong so make sure you hydrate, wear sunscreen and most of all don’t be in the sun for too long without some cover.



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