Eurovision Or Political Vision – Can Votes Ever Be Unbiased?

Hot off the heels of the Eurovision I wonder really is there such a thing as an unbiased vote when historically politics set the results of the votes to determine a winner. Perhaps there is still a slight underlying political tone even though the voting procedure has changed in the last few years. My argument is that you can never get a completely unbiased vote, and reasoning for votes will also have some political and ethnical influence coming from the person casting the vote.

I say this after watching this years Eurovision ( and many other years). Much has changed in recent times and the peoples vote outweighs what the panel of judges from each country thinks. But, as we all know Greece will give Cyprus 12 points even if they put a barking dog up on stage although the this year’s entrant Eleni Foureira is amazing (I may be slightly biased here as I know her music very well). But my point, is that you know that the points are always allocated to certain countries because of political or ethnic alliances. Or wont be allocated because of political or ethnic values. The breakdown of the votes shows that it’s still very “political” between countries.

And what about this year’s winner Israel? In 1998 they absolutely killed it- no one can deny that it was a great song, but perhaps political motive was behind this years votes? Not that I’m saying she wasn’t good but did she deserve the win? Well, that’s contentious.

Again, polling has since changed from when the competition first began as the peoples vote is what counts and the people did choose to give there points to Israel, so perhaps it has shifted from its political motivations- just a bit, bias will always play some part in voting it’s only natural it does in voting of any topic. However, when it comes to Eurovision political ties do still play a part, you can still see that there is a slight underlying political tone with the first round of voting, that’s based on the Eurovision panel of each country not the people.

This brings us to poor Australia. Fair enough I’m still not 100% certain about us being aloud to participate but really do we think through all the politics we have a chance to win- they still see us as outsiders, even with exceptional performers like Jessica Mauboy, Guy Sebastian and Dami Im. Really there’s no chance of grabbing the number 1 spot. Sorry Australia we need to give up the dream!

So whilst times have changed and voting has become more about what the people think and less about the politics between countries, bias and political motivation do still shape and influence a person’s vote. It will be hard to get a completely unbiased vote, no matter what you’re voting for.

There’s no doubt that even though we know and laugh about the politics that go on behind the scenes of the worlds greatest song contest – Eurovision, it will always be a great thing to watch. The tacky costumes, the bad euro pop and the crazy stage productions keep us entertained all week long. Not to mention the drinking games that go in hand with watching the final. So watch with amusement but know that bias will always play a role in how the votes are cast.

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