Fairy-Tale Prague.

If you’ve ever imagined being in a fairy-tale with a castle on top of a hill, cobble stone roads and little narrow winding streets that you’ll get lost in, then Prague should definitely be on your must explore list.

It’s a romantic city, there are no skyscrapers ruining its character, only the striking church towers can be seen rising across the skyline. The old town of Prague is magical!

Everything is within walking distance, so be prepared to do some walking. You’ll simply get lost in this gorgeous city.

Where to Stay:

Prague is split into Prague 1 and Prague 2. Prague 1 is closer to the old town and the city center.

I stayed at the very affordable Alveo Suites. This is a relatively new building refurbished in 2016 and is only a 10 min walk to the old town. The beauty about theses suites is that they are close to everything including supermarkets, which will come in handy as the suites have kitchenettes. The hotels reception is very friendly and helpful when making enquires and booking tours.

Must See and do:


Prague Castle.

View of Prague castle atop of the hill. Looking towards the castle from the Charles Bridge.

Prague Castle: This will take you at least half a day to see. Wonder around the courtyards, museums and visit the gorgeous gothic cathedral of St Vitus and St George Basilica.

Charles Bridge: Make sure you walk across the bridge and take in the views and also the statues that line the bridge from one end to the other. My tip is start at the castle and walk down the hill past the Lennon Wall to the bridge and head into the old town.

Astronomical Clock: Whilst I was there, there was some construction going on around it. However it’s still worth going to see this 600 year old mechanical marvel, which is situated in the old town square. Make sure you go just before the clock strikes upon the hour so you get to see the moving statues.

Vltava River Cruise: After a day of walking around, this is a great little cruise. The river runs through the center of Prague and will give you great views of the Charles Bridge and of Prague Castle sitting atop the hill whilst you sip on a glass of wine or beer (when in Prague….).

The Old Jewish Cemetery and Synagogues: Found in Prague Jewish Town, and steeped in Prague’s history both the cemetery and synagogues are a must see. The Spanish synagogue is simply breathtaking inside with intricate wall decorations.

Walking Tours: The walking tours are great, as you will gain an insight into Prague’s history. There are a few to choose from. I did two tours. The first was Enchanted Prague Night Stroll & Boat Cruise run by Absolute Tours, which included a river cruise. This was booked via the Visit A City app and called Prague by Night Tour (see my post about travel apps for the link).

The second was an all day tour run by The Prague Tour All Inclusive that was booked via the hotel. This is an all day walking tour with a river cruise and lunch (in a Medieval Restaurant) included.


Half-Day trip to Kutna Hora: This town is a must see! The old silver minning town is  situated about an hour and a half from Prague. Now the stand out site for this place is the Sedlec Ossuary (bone church- a bit morbid, I know) but this is something you have to see to believe. St Barbara’s Church also known as the Cathedral of St Barbara is stunning and one of the towns other must see sites. Again booked via the Visit a City app.

Spa Sessions: Now it wouldn’t be a holiday without a spa session! And yes gents, you’re absolutely included in this one!

Prague does have great beer and consumes the most amount of beer in the world per capita. So what better than a beer spa! There is a couple to choose from around Prague. I did the spa at Bernard Beer Spa and it was a truly unique experience. The spa is made up of hops, yeast and other natural ingredients excluding barley (for allergy reasons). You also get unlimited beer on tap (see guys, I told you you’re included here). If you’re going to try this you need to get the spa package with the massage, I mean why only go half way right?!


You’re in Prague, so you need to try their Beef Goulash. Most restaurants serve it and it will comes with various options. But go the dumplings! I mean you’re in a country where goulash and dumplings are part of a staple diet.

Other than that Prague offers a range of culinary choices so yes, comfort food like pizza and pasta are on offer if you’re not feeling to adventurous.

My tip is don’t eat at the town square as it is more expensive. It’s cheaper in the little alleyways and also just a bit further down from the astronomical clock.

Whatever you do and wherever you stay, you will fall in love with this city.

Happy Travels.

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