2017’s Top 8 Overseas Travel Destinations.

Thinking of planning a trip away this year? These hot destinations are sure to get your inner travel bug excited! I’ve compiled a list of  the top 8 overseas travel destinations for 2017 with the help of the Director of Smart Flyer  Australia, Stuart Reay.

1. Iceland: Fast becoming one of the worlds hottest destinations Iceland has a range of landscapes on offer. It’s capital Reykjavík whilst not overly populated has plenty on offer from shopping to cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs along with galleries and art museums. To really experience the beauty of this country you need to leave the capital and travel to its many regions. No matter where you go there is a majesty of nature at its very best found throughout. Sites to checkout are, up north you’ll find charming little towns like Akureyri that still have wooden house that date back to the late 19th century. To the south the Blue Lagoon found in the Reyjanes Penninsula, the south of the country boasts some of natures best creations such as the Skogafoss Waterfall and Vatnajokull Glacier. In the countries east you’ll find farms, small fjords, islands and magma chambers filled with  colourful mineral deposits.  To the west the landscape offers so many natural wonders such as volcanoes, waterfalls that live in harmony with a variety of wildlife and fauna. No matter where you go in Iceland the beauty of its contrasting landscape is captivating. This is a perfect destination for the outdoorsy type that also likes the creature comforts of fine dinning and hotels.

2.Greenland: Ok, off the cuff the highlight for this place is definitely the Northern Lights! With most of its land mass covered in ice you’ll find that a majority of the population live along the coast. This destination is perfect for the adventurer in you. There are a range of outdoor activities such as snowboarding, kayaking, helisking, whale watching, or if you prefer to be sailed around and take in the sites there are boat tours. For more on what to do visit the countries tourism site.

3. Cartagena , Columbia: Columbias hottest destination for 2017 is Cartagena, the  fishing village is on Columbia’s Carbaibbean Coast and is a historic tower with its colonial architecture. The village also has beautiful beaches and is a popular destination for tourists. The old town isn’t too big and is protected by stone walls that were built centuries ago. Not only is Cartagena seeped in its colonial history but it boasts gorgeous beaches and offers something for every traveller.

4.Galápagos Islands: the Islands form part of a volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean and are a province of Ecuador.  Because of their  isolation ( approximately 10000 km from the coast of Ecuador) they are home to plant and animal species that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.  If you are a nature buff than this is where you need to go.  You can visit the islands anytime of the year because  their location is close to the equator making temperatures fairly  warm.  For more on the Islands visit Galapagos Conservancy

5.Cuba: Situated in the beautiful Caribbean this island nation is a great destination for your next trip. With it’s 1950’s charm ( you’re going to see cars you’ve only ever seen in movies)  and Spanish colonial architecture whats not to love about Cuba. If you want to get caught up in the feel of a country that has remained virtually untouched by big development for the last 60 years this is the place. There are also beautiful beaches to visit such as Varadero with 20km of white sand luring you into the cool waters of the Caribbean.

6.Sri Lanka: This island nation sits south of India in the Indian ocean. Sri Lanka is famous for its ancient buddhist ruins and diverse landscape. This place will have something for everyone whether you’re a history buff, naturist, surfer or just want to relax and indulge in a spa. Things to see include the ancient ruins of Polonnaruwa and the Tea picking, for more information visit the country’s tourism page.

7.Bhutan: If you want to hike this is the place for you. Bhutan is a Buddhist Kingdom situated on the Himalayas eastern edge.  It’s known for its monasteries and fortresses and well as its vast landscape. Emerging as a destination for adventure sports it offers activities such as hiking ( from day hikes to 31 day treks),mountain biking and fishing. If you’re more into the cultural experience there are plenty of festivals to see and monasteries and fortresses to visit. For more information on Bhutan visit their tourism page.

8.Myanmar: This Southeast Asian country (formerly known as Burma) boarders India, Bangladesh, China, Laos and Thailand.  Because of the countries geographical location it has more than 100 ethnic groups. Whilst it may not be a destination you would have considered the country is rapidly becoming a top travel spot. It’s seeped in its ancient buddhist tradition and the highlights are its ancient temples that date back centuries. Considered to be a glimpse in too the “old Asia” now is the time to visit before it begins to gentrify and modernise.

If you’re planning a holiday the team at smart flyer.com have got you covered. They will personalise your holiday to make it a unique experience.

Whatever you do try to travel to a new place every year – there’s so much out there to see and explore.

Happy travels!

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