Job burn- It’s real and can be doing you more harm than good.

Ever thought “why am I still in this job, and how do I get out?” I have. Now, I’m not saying that everyone will experience this in the same way as I have but I think its important for people to know that the realities of not liking your job can lead to serious consequences. So when I started to look further into this before I made my mind up to leave I was surprised at what some of these consequences were. I mean you don’t like your job- so who does?! Toughen up and live with it-right? Well, no not exactly.

The stress of being in a job that’s not your career plan or that is draining can take its toll on you physically and mentally. Lets admit it, most of us have experienced this to some degree, unless of course you are living your dream life and career-if so we’re green with envy.

For most though, not liking your job can actually affect your health. Yep that’s right! Not liking where you work or even what you do can be detrimental to your health. For me it became such a mundane task that I used to stare at my screen and nothing would literally compute. Not only that, there was the feeling that this job was going to get me nowhere–at least not in any career path I wanted to be in. And believe me my decision to leave was not based on a whim; we’re talking months and months of having the same feelings.

According to the Indeed Job Happiness Index 2016 Workplace Happiness World Wide, Australia ranked 11th in the World out of 25 participating countries and a sample size of 10 million employees. Whilst we’re doing better than number 25 Belgium-if anyone was curious, the report does show that most Australians are not happy with their jobs.

Another survey conducted by Survey Sampling International on behalf of Seek saw out of 4800 participants half were unhappy with their jobs.

For a majority of us the most common reasons for not taking the risk of changing employment comes down to things like mortgage repayments, no time to job hunt-you know life! Also not having the skill set or qualifications to do what we really want or we just don’t know where or how to start looking for the career we desperately want to have.

However, not doing anything about it will all eventually lead what is known as it job dissatisfaction. That feeling you get when you find yourself staring at the computer screen and no thought process will drag you out of the chasm of empty thoughts you’re currently in.

Job dissatisfaction and emotional stress can be brought on by “job burn out”.  Trust me I’ve been there-it’s not pretty! Job burn out can lead to you feeling exhausted emotionally, physically and mentally. This can then lead to negative thoughts and feelings that can leave you feeling a sense of hopelessness and can lead to further implications including health issues such as high blood pressure, heart disease and depression.

The causes of job burnout or work related stress can vary for each person. A few main reasons for these causes can be:

  • Organisation culture
  • Bad management practices
  • Job content and demands
  • Physical work environment
  • Relationships at work
  • Change of management
  • Lack of support
  • Role conflict
  • Trauma

These are some reasons that its time to make a change, there may be others that will vary from person to person.

If you’re unhappy and can recognise some of the above reasons, and you can leave the current position you’re in then do so. I saw a sign in a café once that read “the fear of failure cripples dreams”. Staying in a job that isn’t doing you a world of good career wise, mentally or both is not going to be great for you in the long run.

Alternatively, if you can’t leave but can get a ‘career break’ from your employer, then that’s also a good starting point to give yourself a chance to try something different. At least you have the safety net that you can return to employment.

Taking the plunge can be scary, but what’s scarier giving something a go for fear of failure or staying in the same day to day routine that you have absolutely no passion or enthusiasm for?

Your body and mind are in cahoots with each other so make sure you listen to them.

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