Beautiful Skiathos Island, Greece

The Greek Islands, they’re the play ground of the gods.  Every island has its own unique beauty and soul.

Whilst I’ve been to few of them nothing has taken my breath away such as Skiathos. Situated in the Northwest Aegean Sea the island is part of the cluster of islands known as the Sporades archipelago.

This small island with an area of less than 50km² is a holiday makers paradise. It’s a fusion of the Greek culture blended with the nightlife of the party islands. The Island virtually caters to everyone no matter what you’re planning on doing. Whilst it keeps it’s old school charm with it’s traditional arts and crafts, houses and taverns, it’s also buzzing with clubs and bars.

Theres a small section right at the  old port side of Skiathos Town called Maxilares that hosts some of the islands best bars. There are literally cushions (maxilares) that line the pavement leading up to the Cathedral of the Three Hierarchs. Whilst its busy during the day, it transforms at night to this boho chic space that offers some of the most amazing cocktails.

But we’re talking about an Island right?! So I have to gloat about the beaches. The beaches are amongst some of the most stunning I’ve seen. There are so many to explore- more than 60 in fact!

The beach of Koukounaries also referred to as “Chrisi Ammos” (golden sand) has to be one of my favourite places on this earth. The sand literally glistens with what seem to be flecks of gold.

For the party goers, there is Banana Beach. Now please don’t get this confused with Little Banana Beach just to the right of the main beach. Little Banana Beach is a nudist beach – you might get a surprise accidentally turning up there (unless that’s your thing- no criticism here). Banana Beach is the party beach it offers water sports, cafes and bars. The music is great and the atmosphere is vibrant.

Let’s be honest, this is just my opinion but this has to be on of the most beautiful islands I’ve come across to date!  Well, maybe it’s not just my opinion. The Beckhams have been there and Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell frequent the island every year. Now that’s got to count for something right?

Oh, I forgot to mention you may recognise the island when you arrive at the port in Skiathos Town as it was used as a backdrop for the movie Mama Mia.

If you’re looking for an island with everything than this has to be it! Plus it’s only about a 30 minute plane flight from Athens.

For more details on this gorgeous island visit:

Bon Voyage!



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