Pacific Harbour, Fiji- Beautiful One Day, Adrenaline Rush The Next.

On the doorstep of Australian shores, just a short three-hour flight from Sydney, lies beautiful Fiji. Surrounded by pristine clear waters and lush green tropical forest.

Whilst many tourists and honeymooners know the smaller Islands of Fiji the East side of Fijis big Island- Viti Levu, is relatively not known.

Pacific Harbour which is situated approximately 40km south of Fijian capital Suva, is a thrill seekers haven. The area hosts an assortment of activities that allow for holidaymakers to experience their wild side.

Amongst the many things to do are the Zip Line, taking you through the canopy of lush thick forest, white water rafting and kayaking on the Luva and Navua rivers.

Not the adventurous type? No need to fret! Fiji is known for laying back and taking it slow. So if you’re not walking on the wilds side then you can kick your shoes off and relax beach side with a cocktail in hand or massage, at one of the many resorts that are found within Pacific Harbour.

The area may have all the activities to get the blood pumping but yet it stays true to the Fijian way of life. Little villages surround the area and its outskirts and you get a feel for the way of life that is essentially Fijian.

There is an Arts Village that also hosts a Fijian Village tour where you are transported backing time to the early 1800’s. You will experience war dances, Tapa painting and other old traditions and customs.

The locals are the friendliest people in the world. Every person that has come back from visiting the Islands agrees. They welcome travelers with open arms and hearts, opening their homes to you. There is a sense of community and family that you experience which will stay with you forever.

The slow pace of life known as “Fijian time” is one of the draw cards to all the Islands that make up the country. Time goes at whatever pace you want it to go at. So if you feel like doing something adventurous or kicking back and relaxing with a massage overlooking the clear blue waters, Pacific Harbour is the place to be.

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